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BSW – Bydgoska Szkoła Wyzsza (Poland)

The Bydgoska Szkoła Wyzsza (BSW) runs eight undergraduate courses. The BSW trains engineers of technology in the Faculty of Production Management and Engineering and logistic engineers in the Faculty of Logistics. The School also offers post-graduate courses in the engineering technology of renewable energy sources and engineering technology of biomass energy production between others. The offer of the University is based on the examples of recognized European universities, as well as is adjusted to the needs of ever changing market economy. The University has a range of teaching facilities, among them a science laboratory, a material science laboratory and a metrology laboratory. The students can also take advantage of the library and the reading room, as well as five computer rooms. University also runs Lifelong Learning Academy for adults. University has a good international co-operation with various institutions and schools.

Visit BSW website: en.bsw.edu.pl

INVENTI (Poland)

Inventi is practically oriented firm, which seeks to design and establish significant facilities of renewable energy sources in Poland and other countries.

Visit INVENTI website: www.inventi-power.pl

NorthCom s.r.o. (Czech Republic)

It is an educational organization – established in the 1996. It arranges education events focused variously, and for various groups of attendees. It concerns retraining courses for unemployed, language courses for employees and so on. Furthermore, it organizes and realizes projects financed by ESF – within the regional scope. Courses and training have been accredited by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. For a few years, we have had experiences with Mobility project arrangements within LdV – both on part of applicant and event organizer or partnership organization ensuring all project matters needed to acceptance of participants group or social partners. The NorthCom Ltd. has had three employees assuring the organization duties. For a successful performance of educational activities we have cooperated with other external workers.

Visit NorthCom s.r.o. website: www.northcom.cz

Fondazione Musei Senesi (Italy)

The Fondazione Musei Senesi, born in 2003, has been founded for promoting the knowledge of this area and of its extraordinary heritage, consolidating and developing the museum system created in the ’90s by the Province of Siena, thanks to the support of the Supreintendencies, the Municipalities, the Dioceses, the Monte dei Paschi Bank and Foundation, the University and the Chamber of Commerce.

Visit Fondazione Musei Senesi website: www.museisenesi.org


“Navarre has made great efforts in favour of the development of Renewable Energies, making it a leader in this strategic and flourishing sector. Renewable energies, energy efficiency and energy production installations constitute a field with great growth potential in the present and future, with an ample repertoire of added environmental values and social benefits. The Government of Navarre, in order to comply with the training needs within the field of clean energy, promoted CENIFER (Training Centre for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency) where CISER (Superior Integrated Renewable Energy Centre) is an essential part of the structure. CISER was created in 2003 and since then has developed specialised training, in the field of renewable energies, thermal installations and energy efficiency, which is directed at young students, workers and the unemployed. Likewise, CISER has developed different European projects in the energy field, collaborating with different partners and hosting frequent international visits to its installations”.

Visit CENÍFER website: www.cenifer.com


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