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The key element of energy saving policy is energy efficient buildings. Buildings consume more energy than any other sector of the European economy. It is recognized that they account for around 40% of all energy consumption. The building sector therefore offers the targest potential for enerfy savings, which i n return will reduce our negative impact on the environment. The etersavings potential is estimated at around 28%. In accordance with the Directive 2010/31/EU on the enerfy performance of buildings overall energy consumption should be reduced by 20% below 1990 level by 2020. The Action Plan identified the significant potential for cost-effective energy savings in the buildings sector. We are sure that increasinf rate and depth of renovation of the building stock is the most cost effective and fastest way to cut energy consumption and has a great potential for creating of new jobs and promote economic recovery of the construction sector. EU needs to deep renovate about 3% of its building each year for the next years to meet energy and economic goals by 2050. All available energy saving technologies should be incorporated what can achieved a reduction in energy consumption of between 60% to 90% for the majority of buildings.

Mentioned above reasons lead us to predict that construction sector will continue demanding of competent professionals and managers with new knowledge and skills necessary for energy-efficent renovation of existing buildings. At present renovation process management became one of the most imporant field of knowledge and competencies having a great eterzimportance gor planning and managing entire renovation. Training Programme of Energy Efficient Renovation of Old Buildings has been developed by Bydgoska Szkola Wyzsza as an interdiciplinary course in cooperation between two faculties: Faculty of Construction and Faculty od Production Engineering and Management (Management of Renewable Energy Sources specialty). This course is updated and developed constantly according to changes observed in construction technology and new challanges.

P0-Leader (PL): BSW – Bydgoska Szkola Wyzsza

P1 (PL): Inventi S.A.

P2 (CZ): NorthCom s.r.o.

P3 (IT): Fondazione Musei Senesi



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